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Regenexx® Stem Cell and Blood Platelet Procedures

Advanced Non-Surgical Regenerative Orthopedic Procedures

The Regenexx Family of Advanced Regenerative Medicine Procedures offer breakthrough, non-surgical treatment options for individuals suffering from joint pain, degenerative conditions, torn or strained tendons or ligaments or other common joint injuries. Regenexx procedures offer viable alternatives for patients with chronic pain who may be considering elective surgery.


More than 63,160 Regenexx® Procedures have been performed since Regenexx pioneered orthopedic stem cell treatments in 2005. Regenexx Procedures are the most advanced orthopedic stem cell procedures in the world.

Regenexx is The Nation’s #1 Stem Cell Procedure

Stem cells and platelet-derived growth factors are in all of us and they are responsible for healing injured bone, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and other tissues. They are the key components behind the Regenexx Procedures. As we get older or injured, we sometimes cannot get enough of these cells into the area to heal. The Regenexx Procedures help solve this problem by precisely delivering a high concentration of stem cells and platelets into the injured area, aiding your body's ability to heal naturally. Patients experience very little down time and they typically avoid the long, painful rehabilitation periods that often follow surgery to restore joint strength and mobility. Regenexx is the gold standard for stem cell procedures, with more published research than any other orthopedic stem cell procedure.


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What are the Regenexx Procedures?

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Are You a Regenexx Candidate?

If you are suffering from a joint injury, joint pain, or a degenerative condition like osteoarthritis, you may be a good candidate for these ground-breaking stem cell and blood platelet treatments. Please complete the Regenexx Candidate Form and we will email you more information.

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Regenexx-SD Procedure Overview

The Regenexx-SD procedure begins when the doctor thoroughly numbs the back of the hip (PSIS) and takes a small bone marrow sample through a needle, as well as a blood draw from a vein in the arm. The marrow is rich in Mesenchymal Stem Cells, which are responsible for healing damaged tissues. The stems cells are isolated from the marrow sample and platelets are isolated from the blood sample. After preparation, these two components will be reinjected directly into the damaged area of the joint using advanced imaging guidance. This ensures the cells are delivered to the exact location of need.

More Regenexx Videos

NBC TV Tells a Patient’s Story Following a Regenexx Same-Day Knee Stem Cell Injection Procedure

Seattle King TV recently featured Regenexx patient Paul Lyon in this news segment. Lyon chose to undergo a Regenexx-SD knee procedure, rather than an invasive and traumatic knee joint replacement surgery. .

Millions Introduced to Regenexx on TV’s The Doctors

Regenexx Procedures were recently featured on “The Doctors” TV show. The episode featured Dr. Christopher J. Centeno and Dr. Ron Hanson from the Centeno-Schultz Clinic in Colorado, along with patient Barbee James, who sought stem cell treatment following traditional knee surgery.

Knee Replacement vs. Stem Cell Therapy - Regenexx

Hundreds of thousands undergo knee replacement each year, but the outcomes are often not what people expect. The Regenexx-SD same day stem cell procedure offers a viable alternative for many individuals considering knee replacement surgery.

Regenexx-ACL - Non-Surgical Stem Cell Injection Alternative to Surgery

Regenexx ACL is a site-specific procedure that was developed for treating torn ACL injuries. Regenexx has seen good success in patients with partial ACL tears, as well as complete non-retracted anterior cruciate ligament tears.

Regenexx Alternative to Knee Meniscus Surgery / Meniscectomy

Knee meniscus surgery, or meniscectomy, is one of the most common orthopedic surgeries in the world, but there is little or no evidence that it actually helps patients and it often results in early onset arthritis. Regenexx Stem Cell and Platelet procedures are a non-surgical approach to help heal meniscus tears.

Regenexx Rotator Cuff - Stem Cell Procedure for Rotator Cuff Tears

The Regenexx Rotator Cuff Procedure is the nation's most advanced regenerative stem cell procedure for rotator cuff tears. Visit to learn more.

Regenexx PL-Disc: Avoid the Harmful Side Effects of Epidural Steroids and Back Surgery

The Regenexx PL-Disc procedure is a non-surgical treatment that was developed to help patients avoid lower back surgery or high dose steroid epidural injections and their serious side effects. The procedure utilizes the patient's own natural growth factors to treat bulging lumbar disc and herniated lumbar disc related problems.

Regenexx-SCP A Superior Form of Platelet Rich Plasma / PRP

Regenexx-SCP is a superior form of Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, which is commonly used to help heal injuries and joint pain. Regenexx-SCP is created in a lab environment, rather than a bedside centrifuge, ensuring a far more pure and concentrated PRP mixture and the best patient results possible.


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