Knee Osteoarthritis - A Better Algorithm


Part 1:  Osteoarthritis Basics (10 min)

This is the first part of an education lecture series presented in our medical office here in Louisville, KY. It discusses the basics of knee osteoarthritis from a patient perspective.


Part 2:  Current Treatments (24 min)

This section of the lecture discusses the current treatments offered by the mainstream of the medical establishment. Most Sports Medicine / Orthopedic offices follow this basic algorithm when treating osteoarthritis, and in doing so, miss some basic tenants of patient knee care. Often time, they end up doing as much or more harm than good. This section points out some of the faults of the current treatment protocols.


Part 3:  A Better Algorithm (23 min)

This section of the lecture introduces a set of safe and effective treatments for knee OA that are currently available to patients but are skipped over by the majority of orthopedic offices.  All the treatment options covered in this section are approved and covered by all major insurers.  They seek to treat the issue at the source to prevent further degeneration instead of masking the pain.  This is essentially preventive medicine for the knee, but can benefit someone at almost any level of OA.


Part 4:  Regenerative Primer (20 min)

The lecture finishes with just a brief discussion of regenerative medicine, the main players available, and how they are utilized.  This is only an introduction to the new and exciting field and is not meant to fully educate regarding the topics.  However, it does cover the basics about some of the newer treatments available and although they are not covered by insurance, these are currently being used to help real patients every day.